Our nautical star

17, Jan, 2024 | Blog

Our nautical star

It serves as a navigational aid for sailors and is used to determine the north geographic pole. The North Star is aimed at the horizon to determine the direction of the course or the exact location of the ship.
It always shows the captain the right course to navigate the ship through the wind and waves of the stormy sea, because the course is always the safe [ha:fn] where crew and ship find peace.
Each ray of the star stands for a continent of the earth, the five-pointed star is also a graphic representation of the cardinal points shown on a compass or nautical chart.
It is the symbol for north, a marker for the north point of the compass and shows us where we are at home.
Our North Star stands securely on two legs, two arms are spread wide and its head rises freely and upright into the sky.
The brackets protect it from side blows and leave room for the vastness of the sky.
So it defies all dangers, on water, on land and in the air.

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