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[ha:fn]TV is a unique concept that innovatively combines social media, eyewear collections and conferences. The goal behind Hafenoptiker.tv is to create an inspiring and innovative working environment where people from different backgrounds come together to exchange ideas about optics, social media and other related topics.

The central element of Hafenoptiker.tv is an impressive environment inspired by Jules Verne's Nautilus, which serves as a venue for interviews, conferences and eyewear collection exhibitions, creating a unique, engaging and inspiring atmosphere for all participants.

An important part of the Hafenoptiker.tv concept is the use of social media. Selected influencers, specialists and experts are invited to communicate with each other in a relaxed and accessible atmosphere. These conversations are then streamed live via various social media platforms and enable interaction with a wide audience. This allows viewers from all over the world to participate directly in the discussions and learn from the experts or influencers.

In addition, Hafenoptiker.tv uses its unique premises as a backdrop for exhibitions of eyewear collections from various contemporary and historical eras. These exhibitions offer visitors the opportunity to keep up with the latest trends in the optical industry while exploring the history and development of eyewear design.

The conferences held at Hafenoptiker.tv provide a platform for interdisciplinary exchange on optics, social media and other related topics. Here, experts, influencers and interested parties can come together to discuss current challenges and future trends, learn from each other, make new contacts and generate innovative ideas.

Interested parties can get hands-on in the adjacent machine room. Workstations can be booked on a temporary basis or as a break from everyday life with vegan food and accommodation.