The head office of Hafenoptiker.

The Hafenoptiker in the Nordic town of Dannenberg is a solitaire of sustainability. The entire premises at Markt 14 have been furnished entirely with reused materials, which not only gives it a unique and charming style, but also reflects our philosophy of reducing waste.

Hafenoptiker is particularly proud of its glasses, which are made in-house. We attach great importance to quality, craftsmanship and individuality 'Made in Germany'.

Each pair of glasses is carefully handcrafted and reflects the Nordic aesthetic.

To further promote the idea of sustainability, Hafenoptiker has entered into a partnership with a renowned German designer. Together we develop innovative eyewear designs that are distributed globally in the omnibusiness. This collaboration has led to enormous success and Hafenoptiker's eyewear can now be found in every corner of the world.

Hafenoptiker is proud to be a member of the NGO Cradle to Cradle and to meet the strict standards for sustainability. Not only the glasses, but also the entire production process follows vegan guidelines and ensures that all materials are fully recyclable. Cradle to Cradle stands for the highest sustainability standards and Hafenoptiker is actively involved in promoting these standards in the industry.

Overall, Hafenoptiker and its affiliated opticians can be seen as pioneers in terms of sustainability and environmentally conscious action. We have revolutionized the eyewear industry with our unique store, home-made eyewear and collaboration with renowned designers and producers from D.A.CH.All while protecting the planet and bringing the beauty of Nordic aesthetics to the world.